Luxe-modern Residence

    Project Description

    Luxe-modern for a thoughtful space design to communicate a timeless ambiance that remains comfortable and beautiful in every detail.

    The focus of this project was to incorporate high-end materials and finishes, as well as sleek and modern furniture, to create a truly luxurious feel. In the living room, we used marble flooring and marble as a backdrop, paired with a brown sofa, sleek glass, and a metal coffee table.

    The focus of this project was to create a functional and organized space that also exuded luxury. We started by using a light and airy color scheme, with white walls and a white shag rug, and a modern abstract painting.

    To maximize storage and organization, we incorporated a variety of shelving and hanging options. We used open shelves to display shoes and accessories, and added white drawers for items that needed to be tucked away. We also included a sleek white island in the center of the space with additional drawers and shelving.

    a fun and playful kid's bedroom. This space perfectly showcases the importance of creating a functional and comfortable space for your little ones. To create a functional and organized space, we incorporated a variety of storage options.

    Overall, this luxe-minimalism walk-in closet is the perfect combination of function and luxury. If you are interested in creating a similar look in your own home, contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced designers. We can't wait to help you bring your vision to life."

    Project Details